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Prescription Management

We offer various prescription management services to help you get the most out of your specialty medications. We’ll make sure you’re taking them correctly and can help confirm that they’re working.

Patient Management Program

Our patient management program assists people with certain conditions who are willing to follow their prescribed treatment plan. For example, we’ll help you:

  • Manage medication side effects
  • Improve adherence to your medication schedule (make sure you’re taking the right dose at the right time and not skipping doses)
  • Improve your overall health

This service is provided to you at no cost, and your participation is voluntary. If you no longer wish to participate in our patient management program, you can opt out by calling 1-877-814-3475.

Medication Education

When your prescription is ready to be filled, you will receive a phone call from one of our pharmacists. Together we’ll review the following information:

  • How the medication works
  • How to take your medication
  • Potential side effects, warnings and other precautions
  • Potential interactions with other medications you’re taking at the same time
  • When to contact your physician or seek emergency care
  • Storage requirements
  • Instructions on sharps disposal (used and unused needles) and medication disposal

Medication Delivery

Your medications will be shipped by a common carrier such as UPS or a courier service. We can send them to your home, work, doctor’s office or other preferred location at no additional cost.

In some cases, we’ll need to speak to you about your medication before we ship it. If we leave you a message, please return our call as soon as possible to prevent any delays in your care.

If your medication requires refrigeration, we’ll ship it in special packaging that keeps it cold. As soon as you receive the package, take the medication out of the box and place it in your refrigerator.

If you need special medical supplies to help you take your medication, such as a sharps container or alcohol wipes, we’ll include them with your shipment.

Please call us if the package looks damaged or is not in the correct temperature range.

If for some reason, your shipment is delayed, we’ll keep you informed about the new delivery date or help you obtain your medication at a different pharmacy.

Medical Waste Disposal

An important part of prescription management is the safe disposal of any medical supplies that are part of your treatment.

When it’s time to throw away medical waste such as “sharps” (syringes, auto-injectors, lancets and needles), you must take certain precautions to protect yourself and the environment.

How to Safely Get Rid of Sharps

If you use an injectable medication, we’ll give you an appropriate container (called a sharps container) to store them after use.

After using an injectable medication, you should immediately place it into your sharps container. Do not flush it down the toilet, and do not throw it in the trash. Sharps should only be thrown away when they’re safely secured inside your sharps container.

If for any reason your sharps container is not available, you can use a hard plastic or metal container with a lid that can be tightly secured (e.g., an empty liquid detergent container with a screw-on top).

Other guidelines include:

  • Do not store sharps in clear plastic or glass containers
  • Throw your sharps container away once it is three-quarters full
  • Before throwing the container away, reinforce the top with heavy-duty tape

You should also check with your local public health department to see if there are special sharps disposal procedures in your area.

For more information about sharps disposal, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Safe Community Needle Disposal website.