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Frequently Asked Questions

Below we’ve provided answers to the most common questions patients ask. If you still have questions after reading these FAQs, please call us at 1-877-814-3475.

In some circumstances, your health insurance provider may require you to fill your prescription at a specific pharmacy outside of VCU Health. If this happens, we’ll transfer your prescription to the preferred pharmacy.

To check on your order status, please contact our pharmacy at 1-877-814-3475

Sometimes we need to substitute generic drugs for brand name drugs. This may happen if your insurance company requires that we dispense the generic version, or if you need to reduce the cost of your prescription drug copay.

If we need to change your medication, we’ll contact you before shipping it, so you’re aware of the substitution.

If you are experiencing adverse side effects after taking your medication, please contact your provider or our pharmacy as soon as possible. If you need to reach us quickly after normal business hours (Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 pm), please call 1-877-814-3475 and press 1 to page the pharmacist on call.

Please note, if your reaction is serious or life-threatening — for example, you’re having trouble breathing — call 911.

Although most prescription medications may not be returned, some exceptions may apply. If you want (or need) to return your prescription, call us and we’ll discuss your options.

For information on how to dispose of unused medications, please call us at 1-877-814-3475 or visit the FDA website.

If you prefer to use a different specialty pharmacy, we are happy to transfer your prescription(s). Please call us at 1-877-814-3475 to request this.

If our pharmacy is no longer in your insurance company’s network or we can no longer dispense your medication, we’ll transfer your prescription to another pharmacy. We will inform you about this transfer of care.

Once we’ve received your prescription, we’ll call you if we need any additional information to process it. We’ll call you before your refill is due so we can schedule a convenient delivery time. We may also call you to check in and see how you’re doing with your medication.

You should contact us if:

  • Your address, telephone number or insurance information has changed
  • You have any questions regarding the status of your prescription
  • You have concerns regarding how to take your medication
  • You would like additional information regarding your plan for therapy
  • You suspect an error in shipping or dispensing has occurred
  • You suspect your medication has been recalled by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 
You may also contact us with any other questions or concerns. Our team is happy to assist you with all your specialty pharmacy needs.