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Patient & Family Advisory Councils

One VCU: Together We Transform Health

Although physicians and medical staff help guide and provide care, patients and family members are highly informed and vocal voices on any health care team. We created the Patient & Family Advisory Councils to bring the point of view of those who have experienced care at VCU Health into the planning, delivery, and evaluation of care for others.

As an advisor, you will partner with an amazing community of peers, providers, and other team members. Your participation will help us provide the most comprehensive, safest, and highest quality care.

Including patients in their own health decisions and in improving overall healthcare for others is empowering at times when it’s easy to feel powerless. 

It has been empowering to feel like a part of the care team as a parent and that our input as part of CHoR FAN is truly respected, desired, valued, and can be put into practice when possible.

-Elizabeth Burnett, Patient & Family Advisor, CHoR Family Advisory Network (FAN)

Ways to help

  • Monthly meetings to discuss topics affecting VCU Health
  • Contribute to committees and initiatives across the health system
  • Review and provide feedback on educational materials and resources
  • Provide guidance on strategic initiatives, facility design and development of new services and offerings
  • Participate in staff training initiatives
  • Recognize care teams and staff who provide excellent care to our community
  • Share personal stories about care experiences to inspire and promote change

Ways to get involved

Our Patient & Family Advisors are actively partnering with team members throughout VCU Health to improve the patient and family experience.

Patient & Family Advisory Councils (PFAC)

Advisory Councils are structured groups of patients, family members, and VCU Health team members who meet regularly to provide constructive feedback on a range of topics affecting the patient and family experience. Most committees meet monthly, with meetings held at varying locations and times and Zoom meetings online. 

Virtual Advisors

Many of our patients and family members are unable to serve on councils for a variety of reasons – location, disability, or scheduling conflicts. As an Virtual Advisor, you join an online list of patients and family members who complete short periodical surveys providing quick access to the patient and family perspective.

Become a patient and family advisor

Qualities of a great patient/family advisor:

  • Respectful of other people's opinions
  • Honest
  • Good Listener
  • Able to use past experiences, good or bad, to improve the future
  • Able to look at the big picture
  • Advocates for others

Fill out this application to receive more information about our PFACs and Virtual Advisors.